Signs Your Ex Boyfriend/Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

The fact that you clicked on this article could only mean one thing…

You still have feelings for your ex.

Clinging onto hope with your ex isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just that you can go absolutely crazy thinking about your ex all the time.

A good way to actually stop your mind from panicking would be to find out that your ex still has feelings for you wouldn’t it?

Well, that is exactly what this article will cover.

I will be giving you signs you can look for when your ex still loves you.

Sign #1 Your Ex Gets Angry At You

I know this sounds really counter-intuitive…

The thing that a lot of people don’t understand after a breakup is that anger doesn’t necessarily mean that your ex has stopped loving you.

In fact, if your ex is angry at you, they still care about you and they might even love you.

your ex being angry at you could actually be a sign that your ex still loves you.
Your ex being angry at you could actually be a good sign no matter how counter productive it might seem.

Think about it this way: if they didn’t care about you at all, why would they care to be angry at you? Why would they take time out of their day just to be angry at their ex who they don’t care about anymore?

Doesn’t make sense right?

Your ex being angry at you after a breakup just means that they are probably disappointed in you and they had high hopes for you but you let them down.

The thing is, you can still change this situation around.

Now, for an extended article on all the sings, your ex will give you when they love and a complete solution to get them back, head on over to

Sign #2 You Start Seeing Your Ex In Places That You Often Go To

Trust me, this is far more common than you think.

If you have some standard places you go to and then after breaking up with your ex, you start seeing them in those places regularly, it’s not by accident.

Your ex isn’t dumb. They knew you would be there. Now, once or twice might be an accident but if it starts to become more routine like than accident like, you might be onto something.

Your ex knows the places you regularly visit. They aren't dumb.
Your ex isn’t dumb. They know your regular places.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should become completely paranoid. You shouldn’t.

You should still focus on the things I have talked about like improving yourself and employing no contact.

Sign #3 Your Ex Gives You Strong Hints

This might happen too…

Your ex might hint that they are missing someone.

This could happen in social media or through text.

Pay attention to how your ex behaves on social media. Are they all of the sudden posting emotional quotes and sharing love songs?

Your ex could be signalling something to you.

Now, remember, you should be employing no contact with your ex during this time.

You shouldn’t be texting them or anything like that.

You should still be employing no contact, even though your ex is trying to talk to you.
You should still be employing no contact, even if they contact you.

The only acceptable reason for breaking no contact would be if your ex directly tells you just straight up that they want to get back together with you.

This does happen sometimes but it’s quite rare. That’s why it’s important that you stick to your guns and keep employing it.


There you have it. The three best signs your ex could give you if they still have feelings for you.

Now, remember that even if you don’t see your ex giving you any of these signs, it’s not the end of the world.

They could still have feelings for you and you still have chances of getting them back.

Anyways, good luck out there!

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