Is It a Good Idea To Tell Your Ex Your Feelings?

So, you still have feelings for your ex. You want them back. But should you tell them about these feelings?

Well, to be completely honest with you, no!

If you are in a situation where you want them back, you absolutely should not tell your ex about your feelings.

You see, if you just broke up with them, they will not feel any affection towards your attempts, no matter how hard you try.

You should not tell your ex how you feel. At least not for the time being.
Your ex will not feel any affection towards you if you now tell them how you feel.

After breaking up, if you haven’t already, read my guide on how to get your ex back. It’s going to guide you and give you the advice you need.

As already mentioned there though, you shouldn’t talk to your ex for at least a month after breaking up with them. Simply, they just aren’t in the right state of mind currently and you will most likely never get them back if you just keep talking to them.

I know sites like or yahoo answers can give you false ideas where people tell you that if you just confess your love to your ex, everything will be amazing and they will fall back in love with you.

Even movies are sometimes guilty of this. The main character confesses their love to their ex and all the sudden everything is sunshine and rainbows again.

Newsflash: the real world doesn’t work that way. Your ex needs to actually develop feelings of missing you if you want to have any chances of getting them back.

The real world doesn't work like movies and your ex won't actually forget all the negative things about you just because you confess your love to them.
The real world doesn’t actually work like movies.

So, just hold off and employ no contact while you improve yourself. Only when you haven’t contacted them for at least a month is the time you can think about talking to them again.

I know you might be wondering how this could ever work?

Well, the thing is, science has already proven that missing your partner can be really intense.

When you suddenly disappear from their life they will see that you aren’t a pushover and you aren’t easy.

You see, right after the breakup assuming they were the ones to break up with you, your ex most likely saw you as someone not worthy of their time. Someone lower value.

When you stop talking to them all together it shows them that you actually aren’t dependent on them and that you can live your life completely fine without them.

That is a scary thought for your ex.

After all, they still do care about you on some level, believe it or not.

Even if your ex was the one to break up with you, they still do miss some aspects of you, unless you hurt them in a really bad way of course.

That is why it’s so important that you don’t ruin this an instead listen to my advice so you have the best chances of getting your ex back.

So, there is the answer to you.

No, you shouldn’t tell your ex how you feel, at least not for the time being.

Trust me, eventually once you have done things properly, the right time will come.

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