How To Get Your Ex Back

Breakups are insanely hard to get through and if you know that they are the one, letting them go can be almost impossible.

In this article I’ll give you my advice on how to re-attract your ex and get them back.

Step 1- Eliminate Mistakes

The first thing you need to do is figure out what lead to your breakup. The bottom line is that your ex lost attraction to you but why is that?

Did you get too jealous?

Too needy?

Whatever the case is you need to focus on eliminating these negative characteristics that made you unattractive in your ex’s eyes.

Your ex lost attraction with you but why did that happen?

Then, you need to start out with a period of no contact.

No contact means that you cut off all contacts with your ex for at least a period of one month.

I know using no contact is controversial and many people claim that it doesn’t work but these people don’t do things properly.

What you need to do is try to keep yourself busy for this period after your breakup and no matter how difficult it seems, try to keep your mind off your ex.

Do some fun things like go on a road trip with your friends or start exercising to feel good about yourself.

Doing all this will heal you from your breakup way more effectively than just sitting at the couch crying.

It’s really important that you don’t message your ex during this time at all.

You don’t want to seem insecure, desperate or anything associated with unattractiveness.

Don’t message them how much you still love them, how much you miss them or anything related to that. In fact, Don’t message them at all!

Otherwise, you ruin the whole point of no contact and there is no reason to employ it then.

Also, cut off all reminders of them during this time so that means you will not stalk them on social media.

This way you avoid starting to over-analyze every little thing your ex does or says, which won’t lead to anywhere.

Step 2 – Start Your Journey

Once you feel like you are ready to move on from the first step it’s time to start actually getting them back.

During this time your key thing to focus on is find out a way to change yourself to a more attractive person.

Self-improvement is really important.

This might mean getting some new clothes and hitting the gym along with a new haircut but if you are actually serious about getting them back, it’s worth it.

The goal is to change back into that attractive person that your ex fell for at the beginning of your relationship while eliminating all the unattractive characteristics that led to your breakup.

After your breakup your ex and you both will be feeling some really negative emotions which is normal considering you have just gone through a breakup.

You should be giving them time to slowly return to being more receptive to actually getting back with you.

This is exactly what’s happening when you are employing no contact.

Also if you dare, you could start hanging out with your opposite sex now, since this will make your ex jealous and jealousy is a really powerful tool you can use to get them back.

Quite honestly, if your ex gets jealous about you, you have already won. They can’t help themselves once this happens.

Going out with/dating other people during this period is one of the best ways to create jealousy because once your ex finds out about this they will get jealous.

Step 3 – Contact

If you have created jealousy within them and healed from your breakup correctly by employing no contact you next step will inevitably be to contact them.

The best way to do this is to text them something where you act as a friend instead of a lover.

You could ask them to quickly grab a bite to catch up.

You can get a great full in-depth guide and a tutorial on how to get your ex back by following ).

Keep a positive attitude during all of this and avoid anything negative such a talking about your breakup or anything bad that happened.

You are trying to show them that you have changed into a more attractive version of yourself and that other people are wanting to date you.

Show them that you are high value again.

This will inevitably make them more and more attracted to you.

Another key thing is flirting.

As all of you already probably know, flirting is a super important aspect of attracting someone. When you flirt, you are subconsciously sending signals to their brain that build attraction within them.

So, you should definitely try to throw some light flirting in to the mix when you are meeting them. Don’t be afraid of this since you definitely don’t want to get friend-zoned after all the hard work you have put in before.

Step 4 – Getting Back Together

Now, unless you have some really special skills, its going to take more than one meeting to re-attract them and get back together.

Just know that by following the proper advice you can do it!

If your ex is having a good time at this first meeting its inevitable that they will want to eventually get back together with you.

It’s only a matter of time before you get them back once they see how attractive you are again.

You are once again attractive to them and they see you as a high value mate instead of as a needy unattractive person like they most likely did before.


That’s all for today.

I really hope you read this whole thing through with thought and maybe even took some notes. Following all this advice will definitely guide you to get the love of your life back.

Have fun getting them back!

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