Should You Do No Contact?

Yes, you should.

The end.

Ok, just kidding but that pretty much sums it up.

After a breakup, people usually beg their ex desperately to come back to them. Then after they realize it doesn’t work that way, they come and search online on ways to get their ex back.

no contact is necessary for getting your ex back.
No contact is a common tactic for a reason.

Then, once they realize that the first step almost always is to not contact your ex for at least a period of one month, they are shocked.

After all, it does seem kinda counter-intuitive to not contact your ex at all for such a long period of time.

“What if they forget about me”? is also a very common question I hear.

Well, the truth is, they won’t. Unless of course your relationship didn’t mean anything to them and lasted for like one month.

If you two were in a serious and committed relationship, there is no way in hell that they would just forget about you because you didn’t talk to them for a short period.

I see so many people trying to employ no contact but they don’t do it properly and then they claim it doesn’t work and it’s a scam.

I can guarantee you that the same people who claim these things are the people who don’t do it properly.

As soon as their ex gives them the slightest hint of interest, these people break no contact immediately. It truly saddens me to see this because when your ex starts showing you interest is when you absolutely shouldn’t break no contact under any circumstance.

You shouldn't immediately break no contact. Even if they show interest in you.
Don’t break no contact even if they show a bit of interest in you.

This is just one of the many signs that no contact is actually starting to work perfectly as intended and if you now go and break it, you have just lost all of your valuable progress.

No contact is absolutely necessary after a breakup and there is no way around that. Your ex needs time to think about things and they also need to get a feeling that they are losing something with the breakup.

If you keep contacting them non-stop without any breaks after a breakup and you don’t employ no contact during this time. You can basically forget about getting them back.

Also, during no contact, you get an awesome chance of figuring out what went wrong in your relationship and you get to fix it.

If you got too needy, great! Now you have the chance to work on yourself and figure out how you will remove this neediness.

Also, you get to do the things you couldn’t have done when you were still in a regular relationship. You can finally be free!

If you spend your no contact time wisely and try your very best to not think about your ex too much etc, your chances of getting them back after will have increased so much you can’t even believe it.

not contacting them truly is that effective!
It truly is that effective!

Also, if you for example, start dating other people during no contact, it might very well be your ex who contacts you and at that point, you know you have made it far.

Now, once you are actually finally getting in touch with your ex again after no contact, it’s really important that you don’t let them know your romantic intentions right away.

Just act in a friendly cool manner and you will be on your way to re-attracting them.

Good luck!

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