Signs You Still Have a Chance With Your Ex

So, you broke up and now you are wondering whether or not you actually have a chance to get them back or not.

Luckily for you, there are certain signs your ex can give you, which indicate they aren’t really over you and they might even be craving you back.

Could you still have a chance with them?

In this article, I’ll cover some of these signs so you can get a good indication of whether or not you actually still have a chance with your ex.

Sign 1 – They Talk To You a Lot

If you two have broken up and they are still constantly messaging you about anything and everything, it’s pretty clear what’s going on.

Now, if they are messaging you something where they show emotion, even better.

Do they ask you about how you are doing?

What you are up to?

These are all strong indications that you still have a very good chance of getting them back.

If they find reasons to talk to you its a very strong sign.

Now, if you yourself are not contacting your ex in any way possible aka you are employing no contact, but they are still doing whatever they can to keep in contact with you, it’s very likely that they want you back.

Are they telling you about their relationship status?

If they are, good.

This could indicate that they are trying to make you jealous which in itself is one of the best signs you could ever want that your ex is craving you back.

Sign 2 – They Seek Support From You

They might be opening up to you about life in general or some tough things that are going on.

Either way, good.

Them opening up means they still care about you and trust you so much that they are willingly telling you their deepest thoughts.

Sign 3 – They Want To Know About Your Relationship Status

If they ask you about whether or not you have a new partner in your life, something could be going on.

They might be trying to figure out if you are still open to giving your relationship a second go and this also means that they are thinking about you romantically again.

Sign 4 -They Bring Up Happy Memories

Ohh this is a good one…

If they intentionally bring up some good times you two shared together, awesome!

It means they are thinking about those times and they might even be missing them.

Bringing up happy nostalgic memories is a clear sign they are regretting breaking up with you.

They will obviously try to keep this alluding subtle but if you can catch on to it, good job!

Sign 5 – They Talk About Your Relationship

They might be asking you what happened between you two.

If they straight up ask you to discuss the ending for your relationship it’s an interesting sign.

This could simply mean that they are looking for some closure or they could be looking to discuss the possibility of getting back together with you.

You can never know for sure…

Maybe they have been doing some self-reflection and they will now apologize and want to get back together.

Sign 6 – They Ask About You

For example, if you hear through colleagues or mutual friends that your ex has been asking about you.

They might want to know how you are doing or they might want to know about your relationship status as mentioned above.

Have you heard that they have been asking about you?

Either way, this is a really good sign that you can definitely get back together with them.

Sign 7 – They Get a New Partner Fast

This might seem like a really counter-intuitive tip but hear me out.

If they get into a relationship fast after breaking up with you, it means they are in whats known as a rebound relationship.

Now, rebound relationships don’t actually last and this has been proven multiple times.

As a matter of fact, your ex might be just trying to make you jealous and they actually have no intention of staying in that relationship.

95% of rebound relationships end in a breakup in less than a year so there is a very good chance your ex will be included in this 95%.


So there you have it.

Even if you don’t see your ex giving you any of these signs, don’t panic.

Your ex could be just really stubborn or you haven’t done much to actually make them want you back.

I wrote a full guide on how to get your ex back here, so I recommend that as your next step you go and check out that article.

Thanks for reading!

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