Is It Hard To Get Your Ex Back?

After a breakup, you are often left wondering whether or not you can get them back and how hard will it actually be.

In this article, I’ll cover how difficult the journey you are about to face is, and whether or not you should even decide that you want to go down that road to back together with them.

Getting your ex back is definitely possible but how hard is it?

First of all, you need to understand that this will all depend on the circumstance of how you ended things.

If your relationship ended on a really negative way like either one of you cheating or being hurt in a really bad way, it’s going to impact the way you should go about getting back together.

Alright, let’s start…

So, will it be hard to get back together with your ex?

It depends…

On most of the scenarios though, probably.

Unless you are doing everything properly ( I wrote an article on this exact topic of how to get your ex back you can check it out here), it will be hard to make the get back together with you.

Step 1 – Asses Your Chances

How did you break up?

After a huge fight?

Was it months of slowly watching the spark between you two fade away?

Whatever the case is, you need to figure it out.

What notes did your relationship end on?

Then start with a period of no contact where you let your ex cool off and give yourself time to prepare yourself to actually get them back.

Step 2 – Should You Even Do It?

Alright, now that you know how it will be, it’s time to start.

First, think about whether or not you two should even get back together.

If the relationship was abusive or ended in them cheating, for example, take my advice and don’t even bother with trying to get them back.

Now, if you are certain that you do want to go through with this, start out by reading the how to get your ex back article I linked above.

Step 3 -How Long Will It Take?

Again, it depends.

I have a question for you:

Does it matter?

If you are going to try to get them back it’s way better to take things slow instead of being pushy and eventually just repelling your ex forever.

Take things slowly. It’s better to get them back slowly than let them be gone forever.

Try to act like a friend when you are in the beginning stages of getting them back.

If you follow my advice and employ no contact for at least a month, your ex should be more receptive to you after that.

Next, you need to figure out a way to meet them and then after that, your goal should be to build back the attraction they lost for you.

You need to keep all this very subtle and you can’t be too pushy. Otherwise your ex might just push you even further away from you.


So, as you can see getting your ex back is not easy but if you do it the proper way (read the guide above), you can most definitely do it!

Follow the right advice and you can definitely get them back!

You just need to be smart about things and don’t rush anything. And remember: slow and steady wins the race!

So don’t think you can get them back unless you are employing no contact and doing things the proper way.

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